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The first Creativity and Cognition Symposium was held at Loughborough 1993. It was a highly successful and internationally acclaimed event. Creativity and Cognition 2 in 1996, continued the initial aim of creating opportunities for artists, composers and scientists to engage in a dialogue about their ideas, and working practices. The third conference will be an ACM SIGCHI event. Its main focus will be on artists, composers, technologists and scientists working in collaborative partnerships.The aim is to explore how the different viewpoints and languages of art, music and science have influenced or informed one another. The conference will be a three day program of presentations, demonstrations and poster displays.
Keynote Speakers
Marvin Minsky, leading scientist, early pioneer of Artificial Intelligence and author of 'The Society of Mind'
Harold Cohen, leading artist, early developer of computer based art and creator of 'Aaron' a computer program that generates drawings and paintings
Ben Shneiderman, author of Software Psychology: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems (1980) and Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (1987, third edition 1998, booksite), Addison-Wesley Publishers
Stelarc, an Australian-based performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human/machine interfaces incorporating the Internet and Web, sound, music, video and computers.
Topics and Themes
Theories and studies of creativity and cognition
Computers as creativity machines
Computers as catalysts for human creativity
Initiatives in fostering creativity in the community
Intersections and correspondences between art, music, science and technology
Interactions between artists, musicians and scientists
Impact of new technology on thinking and action in art, music and science
Scenarios for the future in the creative arts
General chair Ernest Edmonds Loughborough University
Program Chair Linda Candy Loughborough University
Doug Riecken IBM Watson Research and Rutgers University
Registration Chair
Peter Thomas University of the West of England
Tutorials Chair
Tom Hewett Drexel University
Publicity Chair
Frank Shipman Texas A&M University


Programme Committee 

Ernest Edmonds :  General Chair
Loughborough University, UK

Linda Candy : Program Chair
Loughborough University, UK

Tom Hewett: Tutorials Chair
Drexel University, USA

Doug Riecken : Treasurer
IBM Watson Research and Rutgers University or

Frank Shipman : Publicity Chair
Texas A&M University, USA

Peter Thomas : Registration Chair
University of The West of England, UK

Omer Akin
Carnegie Mellon,USA

James L.  Alty
Loughborough University, UK

Roy Ascott
University of Wales, Newport

Nigel Birch

Paul Brown
FineArt Forum, Australia

Richard Coyne 
University of Edinburgh, UK

Mike North
Loughborough University, UK

Nigel Cross
Open University, UK

Gerhard Fischer
University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

John S. Gero
University of Sydney, Australia

Koichi Hori
University of Tokyo, Japan

Bob Hughes 
Bristol, UK

Peter Johnson
University of Bath, UK

Akihiro  Kubota
Tama Art University, Japan

Bryan R. Lawson 
The University of Sheffield, UK

Roger Malina
Laboratoire d'Astronomie Spatiale, France

Kenji Mase
ATR , Japan

Frieder Nake
University of Bremen, Germany

Norbert A. Streitz
GMD, Germany

Geraint A Wiggins
University of Edinburgh, UK

October 10-13, 1999
Loughborough UK



An ACM SIGCHI International Conference