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Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner

editors Linda Candy and Ernest Edmonds

This book is about art, research and the creative practitioner. Most of all it is about interacting in its many forms. It is about interaction between artworks and audiences; it is about interaction between art practice and research; it is about interaction between the creative practitioners from different disciplines; it is about interaction between those practitioners and norms of research in contemporary society. The book provides a practitioner perspective on all of these interacting elements based on recent concrete experience. It describes recent advances in interactive arts written from the perspective of practitioners working at the forefront of the field. The practitioners’ ideas and experiences are exemplified through the artworks they create, curate and evaluate. These practitioners are also challenging existing notions about the role of research in practice through the development of novel frameworks for creating and evaluating interactive artworks with audiences. The rich diversity of outcomes that has arisen from this practice-based research provides fascinating insights into the growing phenomena of artworks shaped by the audiences who interact with them, the implications of which we are only just beginning to grasp. The book shows how research into both the art making process and into audience experiences of interactive art is advancing art practice and contributing to knowledge more generally.

Published by Libri Publishing: