Engage 2006
26th - 28th November 2006, University of Technology, Sydney
UTS Like the City of Sydney, UTS is dynamic, cosmopolitan, diverse, vibrant, multicultural and stimulating. We view as a key strength the social and cultural diversity of our students,
staff and partners in the professions and the community. This diversity has created a vibrant and rich learning environment that prepares graduates for a borderless workplace.
Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) in an internationally recognised multi-disciplinary environment for the advancement and understanding of practice in digital media and the arts. It provides nationally and internationally recognised artists and technologists with a space in which to collaborate, experiment and create, as equal partners, in practice-based research . CCS is committed to disseminating its results Internationally through research publications, exhibitions, the co-ordination of an international conference series and through the provision of high quality postgraduate education.
Our research is based upon a belief in the importance of working partnerships and collaborative effort. Collaboration takes place within the University, nationally and internationally. The CCS Partners and Associates constitute an international team of experts who ensure that the research is at the cutting edge in all of its areas of concern. Within the University, our work complements and adds to a strong range of existing research and development in Digital Media and Creative Cultures across three Faculties.
ACID ACID is the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design. With over 100 researchers in six universities and industry partners across Australia and New Zealand, ACID is the research and development leader in interaction design and experience design.
We design the mobile and digital interactions that connect people, products and services using new technologies. Our experience design methodology allows us to unpack user need to develop solutions that really work. Our computer scientists, developers, designers and ethnographers create and test new knowledge in living labs. Our contract R&D capabilities are underpinned by robust, peer-reviewed academic research in smart living, multi-user environments, digital media, virtual heritage, and mobile communities.
ANAT The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) brokers the synthesis between art and culture, science and technology. ANAT is Australia's peak network and advocacy body for media artists working in screen, sound, installation, performance, literary and networked arenas;
creating opportunities for connection, collaboration, innovation, research and development both nationally and internationally.