Engage 2006
26th - 28th November 2006, University of Technology, Sydney
Full Presentations:
- Towards a visual taxonomy in Mixed Reality Art
Ian Gwilt
- Charade: dispersed publics and how to keep their attention
Simon Pope, Kaye Winwood, Alli Beddoes
- Emergence: The generation of material spaces in Anthony McCall's 'Line Describing a Cone'
Susan Ballard
- Eliciting Audience's Experience to Improve Interactive Art Installation
Hanif Baharin
- Catching the Interactive Experience: Using the Repertory Grid Technique for Qualitative and Quantitative Insight into User Experience
Daniel Fallman
- Contra-Body-Movement and Contra-Body-Movement-Position
Don Herbison-Evans
- Game/Play
Giles Askham
- Some digital media approaches to non-linear narratives and interactivity
Janet Marles
- The Private City through the Hot Images
Cristina Portales Ricart
- The Promise of Little Arty Microfish
Natalia Radywyl
- Media Mirrors and Image Avatars
Kathy Cleland
- Timeless - time landscape and new media - isues for curators and audiences
Peter Ride
- Touch as the act of signification; naming as a key design concept for gesturally intuitive interactive space
Roman Danylak, Ernest Edmonds
- Creating a social anxiety interface in the artwork 'In the house of shouters...'
Anna Davis
- Frolicking with Phantoms: Illusion in Mixed Reality
Alex Davies
- Styles of Participation and Engagement in Collective Sound Performance Projects
Kazuhiro Jo, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Kumiyo Nakakoji
- From Audience to Inhabitant: Interaction as a medium in architecture
Joanne Jakovich, Dr Kirsty Beilharz
- Partial Reflections: Interactive environments for musical exploration
Andrew Johnston, Ben Marks, Linda Candy
- Interactive Art as embodied inquiry: working with audience experience
George Khut
- On Audience Engagement
Nina Czegledy

Short Presentations:
- Identification-Projection-Interaction: the participant in an interactive art environment
Mari Velonaki
- Global Town Square
Peter Dunn
- The Bairdboard Bombardment: a decade of engagement
Mike Leggett
- The Avoca Project: place and art and interaction
Lyndal Jones
- The Thummer Mapping Project - ThuMP
Garth Paine
- Perceptual Evaluation of Spatial Audio for "Audio Nomad" Augmented Reality Artworks
Nick Mariette
- Laughter; vibrating with difference
Pia Ednie Brown, Inger Mewburn
- The reflective practitioner: in creation of a presence based experience.
Sarah Moss
- Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Case Studies in Art and Technology
Yun Zhang, Linda Candy
- An exploration into deeper engagements of audience and creative process
Tina Gonsalves
- Surface, Site, Screen: Interactive Art in Public Space
Julianne Pierce
- Evaluating Audience Experience with Interactive Art
Bilda Zafer