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Loughborough University & Loughborough College of Art & Design
Loughborough, England

Chair: Prof. E.A.Edmonds

Workshop April 29 - 30th 1996

Program for Workshop Papers (Full/Short) and Posters


Theme 1:Understanding and Modelling Creativity

Creativity as Commonplace
Richard Coyne
University of Edinburgh

Malevich said; 'Art is Cognition'
Patricia Railing
Artists. Book Works, Sussex

Creativity as Transformation : Multi-Agent Systems and Human Cognition
Oliver Hoffman and Martin Kollingbaum
Vienna University of Technology

Creativity in Design: Not Leaping but Bridging
Nigel Cross
The Open University, UK

Objects in Transition: A Spatial Paradigm for Creative Design
William Godwin, Päivi Mäkirinne-Crofts and Sohrab Saadat
Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education

Understanding Creativity : An Empirical Approach
Linda Candy
Loughborough University

Theme 2:Computer Support for Creativity

Supporting the Creative User:
A Criteria-based Approach to Interaction Design
Ernest Edmonds and Linda Candy
Loughborough University

Puppeteers and Directors: Supporting Artistic Design by
Combining Direct-Manipulation and Delegation
James Ambach and Alexander Repenning
University of Colorado

Abduction Machine Project : Designing Creative Environments based on Network Collaboration
Akihiro Kubota
University of Tokyo

Supporting the Creative Process of Human Figure Animation
Armin Bruderlin
ATR Media Integration & Communication Research Labs, Kyoto

A System for Supporting Researchers' Creativity by
Visualising Different Viewpoints
Masanori Sugimoto, Koichi Hori and Setsuo Ohsuga
National Centre for Science Information Systems, Tokyo

Computers, Words and Pictures
Bryan Lawson and Shee Ming Loke
University of Sheffield

Theme 3:Computer-Based Creativity

Towards Creative AI Systems :
A Psychology-Based Approach
Klaus Schmid
German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Innocence: Interactions between the
Study of Children's Drawing and Artificial Intelligence
Ed Burton
Middlesex University

The Grandmother Program:
A Hybrid System for Automated Story Generation
Imogen Casebourne
University of Sussex

Effectively Heterogeneous Information Extraction to
Stimulate Divergent Thinking
Kazushi Nishimoto, Shinji Abe and Kenji Mase
ATR Media Integration & Communication Research Labs, Kyoto

Theme 4:Perspectives on Creativity, Culture and Technology

Networks of the Mind: Art and the Emergent Noetic Culture
Roy Ascott
University of Wales College, Newport

Making Sense of the World: Temporal and Spatial Perception and the Function of Art
Jeremy Leach
Bath University

On Architectural Design in Virtual Environments
Alan Bridges and Dimitrios Charitos
University of Strathclyde

Visual Interaction as Art
Peter Thomas
University of the West of England


Creativity and Sensation: The Case for Synaesthetic Media
John A. Waterworth
Umeå University

Design as Connection between Thinking and Acting:
An Artist's View
Fré Ilgen
PRO Foundation, NL

Viewpoint, Generation, Transportation and Composition
Heiner Benking
FAW : Research Centre for Applied Knowledge Processing, University of Ulm, Germany.

Computer Assisted Works: Working Process
Mike North
Loughborough College of Art and Design


The Role of Error in Creativity: An Example from Music
James L. Alty
Loughborough University

Towards a Virtual Reality Aesthetic Programming Interface
Stephen Bell
Bournemouth University

A Programme of Computer-Assisted Learning in Art and Design
David Eaton
Central College Glasgow

Universal Creative Sound Technology:
Stockhausen's Telemusik and Hymnen
Niall O'Loughlin
Loughborough College of Art and Design

Creativity in Writing
Rafael Pérez Y Pérez
University of Sussex

A Study for Modelling Creativity and Discovery in Intelligent Agents inspired by the Human Unconscious
Fernando Ramos and Enriqué D. Espinosa
Technological Institute of Higher Education, Monterrey, Mexico

Intersections'95: A Poetic Intersection of Art and Science
Eileen Slarke
University of New South Wales

Clio: A Constraint-Based Interface for Creative Domains
Eric W. Tatham
Coventry University

Looking at the Ceiling
Sarah Thompson
Artist, Bournemouth

CAMER Research and Young Farmers Claim Future:
Some Digital Issues
Guy c. Jules Van Belle
University of Ghent

Perception of Attractions and Cognitive Dissonance
Igor Yevin and Svetlana Apjonova
Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Moscow

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