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Loughborough University & Loughborough College of Art & Design
Loughborough, England

Chair: Prof. E.A.Edmonds

Artists-in-Residence Week

Four artists spent a week in January on the Loughborough Campus exploring the potential of computers for their Art. This Artists-in-Residence was the first activity of Creativity and Cognition 2 the Symposium jointly sponsored by Loughborough University and Loughborough College of Art and Design.

In a very busy week, the artists asked for simple things (so they thought) and the technologists had to work on demanding problems and use powerful facilities to provide them. The facilities used ranged from a high quality colour printer to state-of the art CAD and Virtual Reality systems.

The artists were:

Jean-Pierre Husquinet, from Liege in Belgium
Fré Ilgen from Eindhoven in the Netherlands
Birgitta Weimer from Cologne in Germany
Michael Kidner from London.

All are established artists but none had used a computer before as part of their art. At the start of the week, each artist met an expert in computer use with whom they could work and plan the week. The initial partners were Bryan Murray (LUTCHI Research Centre), Professor Roy Kalawsky (Human Sciences), Dr Helmut Bez (Computer Studies) and Mike North (LCAD). By the end of the week, however, many other people has been drawn in and found themselves, surprisingly, working on art.

By the end of the week, Birgitta Weimer had produced prints that she intends to make into an edition and Fré Ilgen said that he wanted to bring in his sleeping bag and stay in the Virtual Reality Laboratory. All four artists are continuing to work with us and four had an exciting week. Beyond that, we, on the campus, had an exciting and stimulating week as well.

To complete the week, the Department of Computer Studies hosted a seminar in which the artists talked about the week and discussed the many challenging issues raised by the audience, which include more than thirty students from LCAD.

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