Key Persons for Conversation Analysis

1.Harvey Sacks, 1964, who originated a radical research programme which was designed to inverstigate the levels of social order that could be revealed in the everyday practice of talking.
2.John Austin,1964, Speech Act Theory, which argued that all uterances performed actions.
3. John Searle
5. Schegloff
6. Erving Goffman: In the 1950s, he developed a form of sociology which focused on the presentation of ’self’ in the multifarious situations of everyday life. At the core of this work was the ritual nature of face-to-face interaction.In his inverstigations, Goffman was primarily interested in what he called the ‘intereaction order’ (Goffman 1983).
7.Garfinkel: Contemporaneously with Goffman, Garfinkel was developing the form of sociology which became known as ethnomethodology. Ethnomethodology similarly proposes that everyday interaction constitutes a legitimate domain of sociological study.

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