Frantic Friday

Posted by Mike on August 21st, 2007 — in CCS-blog, Conferences

CCS hosted Steven Dow, who some of us met at CC07 in Washington. He gave an illustrated talk about his PhD work in AR at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (the home of hypertext in the 90s), that builds upon the Facade system. That evening he joined several of us at an invite only occasion at [...]

Report:Creativity & Cognition 2007

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‘Seeding Creativity: Tools, Media, and Environments’
ACM/SIGCHI Conference, Washington DC
June 13-15th 2007

The Conference General Chair, Prof Ben Shniederman, introduced the event as demonstrating “…that innovative research methods can be developed to study creative work that spans disciplines from arts to sciences.”
I was one of fourteen in the Demonstration and Poster papers presented in a room adjacent [...]

‘Performed film’/Film Screening event

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Australian Centre for Photography, 257 Oxford Street, Paddington, 9332 1455

Saturday 28 April 2007, 6.30pm
expanded screen, performed film, structural film 1970-1981
Sydney’s Teaching and Learning Cinema will present some film and video works by Sydney-based British born artist Mike Leggett.
Mike Leggett has been making art with film and video since the early 70s. He was a [...]

Video Art at ACMI

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The survey of the Centre Pompidou’s collection reached Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image at the end of March, following a run at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. On Sunday 25th at the invitation of curator Mike Stubbs, I contributed to an afternoon of exposition and discussion related to video art, presenting [...]

Long Film for Ambient Light

Posted by Mike on March 26th, 2007 — in Visits

I don’t remember seeing Long Film for Ambient Light (1973) before…... but might have done…... it is a subtle work in terms of image and duration and therefore recalled with difficulty. For those of us like myself who often make time to savour the light as it happens, in a range of settings and at [...]

2006 Gwangju Biennale, Korea - 5

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Dear Mike Leggett and Alastair Weakley,

The Gwangju Biennale has now closed and the computer equipment which constitutes the work has been returned to my home here in Canada. The weather data provided by the sensing device on the roof of the University of Sydney played a major roll in the editing of picture and sound [...]

Book chapter: Experimental Film and Video

Posted by Mike on December 6th, 2006 — in Published, CCS-announcements

I wrote a chapter for this recently published book about 18 months ago. In common with most of the other 30 odd contributors, using notes made for the production film and video artworks in Britain between the late 60s and mid 80s, I have reflected on that activity from the contemporary context. However, the focus [...]

Convergence article: ‘Collaboration and P-BR’

Posted by Mike on December 5th, 2006 — in Collaborations, CCS-announcements

Convergence, the International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, has just published (12.3) an article I wrote six months ago, called: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research, and hopefully will contribute to the CCS on-going development of these ideas.

The abstract is below and the full version is one of the Pages on my blog.
Practice-based research [...]

ENGAGE.. and 2006 Gwangju Biennale, Korea - 4

Posted by Mike on December 4th, 2006 — in CCS-blog, Directions

Congratulations to everyone involved in organising and making a great success the CCS hosted ENGAGE Symposium. There will be many follow-throughs from this event, the first of which may well be a link up with one of Garth Paine’s many projects: MeteroSonics. From the website can be downloaded the application for setting up some tunable [...]

Telling Stories: cinema, history and experience

Posted by Mike on November 21st, 2006 — in CCS-blog, Conferences

I’ve just returned from the 13th biennial conference in Melbourne of the Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand (F&HAANZ) where I gave a presentation entitled: Relational Cinema and Hypermedia.

A notable trend of relevance to CCS researchers comes from the history war running for a decade now in film studies circles between hermeneutics [...]