So I got into the second round on the design paper, which is good news. Now it means I have more to do!

The water tests came back and they weren’t good. We’ll have to get a filter - as a start.

Its been raining since Sunday and sounds fabulous on the metal roof. I’m surrounded by the ghostly shapes of trees - yep, up in the clouds! The tanks are overflowing and long hot showers are a brief luxury.

I leave in 1 week for my artist residency in CT. Not really looking forward to it. Not looking forward to leaving C for so long. I will spend a couple of days when I first fly in in NY, meeting with BC, checking out some art shows and sleeping I suppose. I’m tired and over it all. Actually the time at the artist residency with only that to do - nothing else - will be amazing. Its just all the stress preparing - packing my studio into a suitcase, finishing the design paper, doing laundry, packing, travel insurance, paying bills, buying walking shoes/ backpack, finishing painting etc etc that I’m not looking forward to. And the 30h of travel time each way. C has been fantastic, v supportive emotionally and practically. Damn I’m going to miss him.
Met w AB yesterday re emergence & his work. That was very interesting, got my head back into it. Interaction; complexity and bounds; descarte’s dictum; metaphor and randomness were some good topics covered in that 2 hour ‘chat’!
Last week my students presented their work. Some good progression of ideas, some limited. Surprised by the latter group making it to 3rd year. And similarly surprised by how some of the former are assimilating ideas of TUI’s and its potential so quickly - its those bright & hardworking ones that make it worthwhile. Yeah, I finally made it into the uni system last week. I was working blind up to that point - did not know what was sent out to them, what they were doing, couldn’t see or access material or rooms. Now I just have to try to get paid :)

a branch just fell on the roof with a loud clatter. I should get back to working on that design paper…

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