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Design Studies special CCS issue - extended abstract submitted today.
Finished the KNS order for S&A / BHP Billiton today. Took the last shipment of cogetherm furnace insulating blocks to NQX shippers warehouse by ute this arvo. Enjoying the celebratory glass of vino as I write…

Monday 30 July I did a visiting lecture at QUT. Presented on my work to a group of final year undergrad students. Seemed to go down ok. Was personally worthwhile to (a) frame it in terms of TUI again and (b) dissemble and convey the design process. I start tutoring them tomorrow, a regular, weekly job - tangible media. Very cool.

Monday 30 July I also attended a lecture in complexity theory by economist/research scientist Jason Potts at the Creative Industries at QUT. Very interesting and thoughtful he was well spoken on a difficult subject, and posed an excellent question: to model cultural studies using complexity theory. Fabulous!

We should get water delivered tomorrow or Friday, and testing done the following week by the council for green mosquitoes & wastewater contamination. 3000 gallons seem to last us 3-4 months, but then we don’t do any washing at home (don’t have a washing machine yet. Wow we’ll really know we’ve made it when we’ve got one ofthose!)

Friday/Sat I plan to get into the garden. FINALLY. And maybe put up some bookshelves.

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  1. Sculptural entity Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Nice to see your settling in. Washing can be done by hand, find a big flat rock.

    Gee just discovered this blog.


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