At P.S.1 in Queens, the Liquid Sky effort as part of MOMA’s young architects program.

liquid architecture-PS1 liquid architecture2-PS1 liquid architecture1-PS1

I really went to PS1 to see the Organizing Chaos exhibition. By far my favourite work was Christian Marclay’s video. Love his use of randomness – a truck towing an electric guitar – to compose the sound in the piece. A pretty good show, rounded, thoughtful. A real shame though that there was no catalogue!

Organizing Chaos Exhibition statement Marclay at PS1

I also enjoyed Richard Serra’s work at MOMA enormously, though only the later pieces with their curving, vertical horizons. Joyous in their activation of space and viewer. Reference the Baroque in this use of space. Open.

Lastly, MOMA also had some electronic media work on display that I enjoyed checking out: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Xu Bing, Cory Arcangel, Jennifer McCoy & Kevin McCoy, among others. This was in the ‘Automatic Update’ show.

Lozano-lemmer MOMA Lozano-lemmer1 MOMA moma2a moma2 moma1 moma

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