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Artist Residency

Friday, August 31st, 2007

I arrived at I-Park for my residency in the afternoon, August 31. I took a train from Central Station in New York and changed to another line in Old Saybrook. George, an occasional water-colourist and the residency gardener/maintenance man picked me up at the station and brought me to East Haddam, Connecticut. I will be here until September 24 or 25.

Some pictures of the park: the renovated farmhouse where we 6 artists each have our own separate bedroom; some studios in a renovated barn; my studio is a standalone structure, nice and shady under a big oak tree; and an outdoor projection/concert area behind the music studio.

House-artist sleeping eating quarters I-Park Studios I-Park my studio I-Park Outdoor projection space

Steps down Broadway

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Sunset. 49 to 42nd streets. Turn and shoot every 15 steps.



Thursday, August 30th, 2007

At P.S.1 in Queens, the Liquid Sky effort as part of MOMA’s young architects program.

liquid architecture-PS1 liquid architecture2-PS1 liquid architecture1-PS1

I really went to PS1 to see the Organizing Chaos exhibition. By far my favourite work was Christian Marclay’s video. Love his use of randomness – a truck towing an electric guitar – to compose the sound in the piece. A pretty good show, rounded, thoughtful. A real shame though that there was no catalogue!

Organizing Chaos Exhibition statement Marclay at PS1

I also enjoyed Richard Serra’s work at MOMA enormously, though only the later pieces with their curving, vertical horizons. Joyous in their activation of space and viewer. Reference the Baroque in this use of space. Open.

Lastly, MOMA also had some electronic media work on display that I enjoyed checking out: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Xu Bing, Cory Arcangel, Jennifer McCoy & Kevin McCoy, among others. This was in the ‘Automatic Update’ show.

Lozano-lemmer MOMA Lozano-lemmer1 MOMA moma2a moma2 moma1 moma

Digital Play

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Queens, NY. The Museum of the Moving Image had a show called ‘Digital Play’ on, so I went. 

Not that fantastic really. Bit of a disappointment but then I’m not really a computer games person, and unfortunately this was all the curators seemed to understand play to encompass. ‘We love Katamari’ was the highlight for me.

We love Katamari projection screen image We love Katamari blurb

MOMA store

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

I love**** lamps… it may be part of what got me into projected imagery in the first place.

lamp at MOMA shop

Nostalgia and the city

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

I arrived in Manhattan at about 1.30am Wednesday 29 August 2007.

diner1 Aura of the Empire Balthazar's

I almost forgot about the American diner. This one groovier, cleaner than most. Dinner Wednesday 29th August. White for labor day… The aura doesn’t fade. The third picture is for M for 2002.

Larchmont Hotel NY Larchmonth Hotel Stair Foyer

My (second) hotel in Greenwich Village: the Larchmont. Small, on a lovely tree-lined street.

My first hotel (Pennsylvania hotel) is definitely over-rated – terrible service and annoying guests.

‘carbon zero hero’

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Perhaps also of interest to fellow CCS’ers, this new ‘information appliance’ embodies values outside of productivity and leisure.



Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

So I got into the second round on the design paper, which is good news. Now it means I have more to do!

The water tests came back and they weren’t good. We’ll have to get a filter - as a start.

Its been raining since Sunday and sounds fabulous on the metal roof. I’m surrounded by the ghostly shapes of trees - yep, up in the clouds! The tanks are overflowing and long hot showers are a brief luxury.

random thoughts in the morning

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Waiting on the council for water testing today. THe neighbours have finally moved their wastewater sprinkler and it’s no longer hitting our rainwater (drinking) tanks; but we still want to have all the tanks, particularly the other ones with mosquitoes, tested. We only just moved here and know very little about the place so its probably a good idea.

Yeah feeling isolated and worried about the Ph.D. Feeling a bit sorry for myself there.

Will enrol to vote today I think. Maybe pull some more jasmine down from the frangipani - brave the ticks!! Repair my media cabinet and unpack some more gear/books. Time to get something done. Man, I leave again in just 3 weeks!

recent activities

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Design Studies special CCS issue - extended abstract submitted today.
Finished the KNS order for S&A / BHP Billiton today. Took the last shipment of cogetherm furnace insulating blocks to NQX shippers warehouse by ute this arvo. Enjoying the celebratory glass of vino as I write…

Monday 30 July I did a visiting lecture at QUT. Presented on my work to a group of final year undergrad students. Seemed to go down ok. Was personally worthwhile to (a) frame it in terms of TUI again and (b) dissemble and convey the design process. I start tutoring them tomorrow, a regular, weekly job - tangible media. Very cool.

Monday 30 July I also attended a lecture in complexity theory by economist/research scientist Jason Potts at the Creative Industries at QUT. Very interesting and thoughtful he was well spoken on a difficult subject, and posed an excellent question: to model cultural studies using complexity theory. Fabulous!

We should get water delivered tomorrow or Friday, and testing done the following week by the council for green mosquitoes & wastewater contamination. 3000 gallons seem to last us 3-4 months, but then we don’t do any washing at home (don’t have a washing machine yet. Wow we’ll really know we’ve made it when we’ve got one ofthose!)

Friday/Sat I plan to get into the garden. FINALLY. And maybe put up some bookshelves.