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visual noise?

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

The ekokast  mp4 player belt buckle is a fashion statement and arguably plumage for attracting a mate.  I suppose while the novelty lasts it may be a welcome replacement of the mundane opening line, but surely we have enough vehicles for visual information already?  Fun at the dance club and most fun I think to hack and repurpose, I am however apprehensive of the growing number of display surfaces and advertising already crowding our world.  Just yesterday I saw a small lorry with a rotating billboard on the back door, driving through our neighbourhood. Billboards for junk food restaurants already line highways, obscuring the natural scenery that you’re travelling to visit. Advertising and store signs crowd traffic signs at intersections and along city roads making it difficult to find your way.  There is no attempt to complement the surroundings, no acknowledgement of context and rarely is anything new or useful being communicated.  Occasionally a  beautiful vista emerges such as Times Square NYC but mostly the jostling is just noise and irritation manifest.  Increasingly I feel I need to shut my senses down, close off, filter it out.  For me the noise increases the distance to the people next to me. 


 New take on the bumper sticker?