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got married a couple of weeks ago

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Cory and Jen tied the knot at a very small ceremony (just us) at the commisioner’s office in downtown Norfolk, VA. March 14, 3 years and 2 days since our first date. SHUX…




Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

SORRY about that long post before everybody.. It seems the ‘more’ tag gets stripped out when the feed grabs my post… Not sure if its a wordpress or a w.bloggar thing? Any suggestions? (– other than practice my editing skills?)


Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Some personal highlights from this year’s IEEEVR 2006 conference, March 25-29, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
(1) Chris Dede (Harvard) gave the keynote address, reflecting on his research in immersion and situated learning.
(2) The panels turned out very well… I co-chaired their selection with Joe LaViola (Brown). Our first (2a) ‘How do we solve Human Factors for VR and AR Applications’ included review of UI issues and the second one (2b) was on the ‘Challenges of Applying VR Technologies and Techniques to Visual Analytics’. Here I must admit I found the exemplifying ‘Touch Table’ to be of particular interest: very relevant to work-in-progress ‘glass pond’ …
(3) The nitty gritty of the surveys are something to come back to: depth of research here! (3a) ‘PC Clusters for VR’ (how’s this for a statistic: 72% of the top 500 supercomputers are clusters!) and (3b) ‘A Survey of Large High-Resolution Display Technologies, Techniques and Applications’
(4) Misc… Among others, Kay Stanney (UCF) and Larry Hodges (UNC Charlotte) received awards for contributions to the field.

Lorenz model

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Scientists Dr Hinke Osinga and Professor Bernd Krauskopf at Bristol University croched this artefact and describe each stitch as a manifestation of the unique movement of those floating leaves that end up clung to a rock within a turbulent stream.  The Mathematics Intelligencer Journal apparently holds their paper and the crochet pattern.


crochet model of chaos