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Mindmap meets database… towards a virtual studio

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

There are some ways I’d like to be working during the initial ‘brain storming’ or ‘finding new and unique relationships between seemingly different things’ period of research. We discussed creativity tools not so long ago, and maybe this is related. Suggestions? Thoughts?

Q1. Is there any way to use endnote to manage a glossary?
Q2. Does anyone recommend or know of mindmap software that has a database behind it, and can support different kinds of media as well as the construction of relationships (spatially, etc)…?

Howl’s Moving Castle

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Delightful and surprising film viewed at the Dendy Newtown.
Anime’s treatment of motion has always facinated and the abstracted rendering of natural phenomena did not disappoint this time either. Smoke and ‘blobmen’ are very evocative - sinister and tactile; while the rendering of wind moving through flags reminds me of how much can be done with texture coordinates in 3D graphics space. Should find out if this was done in 3D or 2D/3D…