distance into time

March 3rd, 2008

C mailed me saying that we can now see our vehicles in front of the old place in the USA. I checked it out on google maps and lo and behold, there’s my old mazda 929-S, with characterising sunroof! We’d been looking for marks of our presence there for years. I had been parking, and later living there for years, but its just recently been updated.

So now we exist, virtually, in a physical place we were in a year ago. I feel disjointed at this news. More because of the temporal lag which infers a physical dislocation; than at any sense of surveillance. Another facet for Virilio to consider?

final submission to design studies journal

February 22nd, 2008

Finally submitted paper to design studies today.

sun again

January 21st, 2008

note to self re recent activities- I’ve lost a bunch of productivity and holidays having suffered from a cold that developed into bronchitis since December 9 - going on 6 weeks now. Second set of antibiotics and sunny weather on the mountain are boding well for me finally.
In early Dec 07 the dell laptop firewire input died. Thankfully it was covered under dell warranty and they came up the mountain and replaced the motherboard here a week later - all at no extra charge! Very impressive.


January 6th, 2008

well my darlin’ had another birthday this day. The orange brandy cheesecake wasn’t half bad either…


Comm Design end of year show

November 12th, 2007

In addition to tutoring final year communication design students at QUT in their Tangible Media unit; I curated their graduation show. It was a roaring success with some outstanding tangible work.


September 9th, 2007

This photo is for C.

lily heart

I-Park Landscape installations

September 8th, 2007

I finally went for a walk on Saturday 8 September. Lovely. I had been avoiding going out mostly cause I’m paranoid about the ticks and contracting Lyme disease, but its also been hot as hell (around 40 Celsius) and I’m having a hard time shaking the jet lag. Suffering from allergic reaction to the wildflower pollen hasn’t exactly encouraged me either. My studio is surrounded by golden rod and September is its flowering season. Thankfully I now have nose medicine.

Here are images of some of the installations done by resident artists and architects. All the work is temporary, and I appreciate the park’s agenda for non-monumental, impermanent work.

I-Park installation 9

I-Park installation 5

I-Park installation 2a I-Park installation 2b

I-Park installation 2c I-Park installation 2d

—– and some thumbnails of more pieces to explore —–

I-Park installation 1b I-Park installation 1a

I-Park installation 4 I-Park installation 7 I-Park installation

Artist Residency

August 31st, 2007

I arrived at I-Park for my residency in the afternoon, August 31. I took a train from Central Station in New York and changed to another line in Old Saybrook. George, an occasional water-colourist and the residency gardener/maintenance man picked me up at the station and brought me to East Haddam, Connecticut. I will be here until September 24 or 25.

Some pictures of the park: the renovated farmhouse where we 6 artists each have our own separate bedroom; some studios in a renovated barn; my studio is a standalone structure, nice and shady under a big oak tree; and an outdoor projection/concert area behind the music studio.

House-artist sleeping eating quarters I-Park Studios I-Park my studio I-Park Outdoor projection space

Steps down Broadway

August 30th, 2007

Sunset. 49 to 42nd streets. Turn and shoot every 15 steps.



August 30th, 2007

At P.S.1 in Queens, the Liquid Sky effort as part of MOMA’s young architects program. http://www.ps1.org/ps1_site/content/view/264/102/

liquid architecture-PS1 liquid architecture2-PS1 liquid architecture1-PS1

I really went to PS1 to see the Organizing Chaos exhibition. By far my favourite work was Christian Marclay’s video. Love his use of randomness – a truck towing an electric guitar – to compose the sound in the piece. A pretty good show, rounded, thoughtful. A real shame though that there was no catalogue! http://www.ps1.org/ps1_site/content/view/270/102/

Organizing Chaos Exhibition statement Marclay at PS1

I also enjoyed Richard Serra’s work at MOMA enormously, though only the later pieces with their curving, vertical horizons. Joyous in their activation of space and viewer. Reference the Baroque in this use of space. Open. http://moma.org/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?id=2866

Lastly, MOMA also had some electronic media work on display that I enjoyed checking out: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Xu Bing, Cory Arcangel, Jennifer McCoy & Kevin McCoy, among others. This was in the ‘Automatic Update’ show.



Lozano-lemmer MOMA Lozano-lemmer1 MOMA moma2a moma2 moma1 moma