CMC is eating my life

Like Yusuf I have to confess to having been completely snowed under by work lately. But I think I’m getting on top of it now. I spent January and February working on a chapter of my thesis and am happy with my progress on that (but not yet ready to share anything :-) ). At my peak “in the zone” period I was averaging 1000 words a day which for me (a very slow edit as I go writer) was amazing. Now I’m back at work at UNSW and like Yusuf have three subjects to get my head around - a second year interactive design class using Director, a third year interactive design class using Flash and Dreamweaver and an honours production methods class. I’m coordinating the third year subject which means I get to give lectures as well when I haven’t organised a guest to come in. A couple of week’s ago we had Mark Pesce as a guest lecturer. He is an excellent speaker who perfectly pitched the presentation he gave at IE05 for an undergrad audience. What I’m really enjoying the most, though, is my honours subject which I am co-teaching with a colleague from the theatre and performance side of the school, Clare Grant. It is amazing (even having read Brenda Laurel’s book Computers as Theatre) how many parallels there are between the concerns of experimental performance practitioners like Clare and interactive artists like me. We have structured the course around four themes (audience, time, space and visceral experience). The other interesting thing that is happening in my teaching this session is that I am using the online design studio Omnium in my third year subject (designed at COFA UNSW). The subject has 98 students and Omnium lets us divide them all into small support teams and gives them a space to share and discuss their work. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged for so long. By the time I have finished responding to my emails and then responding to the message board stuff on Omnium I have to just get down to work. Computer mediated communication is eating my life :-)

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