Pure Data

Today Alastair convinced me to give Pure Data a go (similar to Cycling 74s MAX/MSP but free). So I’ve been downloading bits and pieces and doing tutorials all afternoon. At the moment I’m very excited at all the possibilities and feeling confident that I can get my head around it all. Haven’t made anything yet so it could be false courage. I like the fact that its available for multiple platforms and that its free which will mean I could potentially use it for my teaching at UNSW as well.

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  1. Kyle Klipowicz Says:

    Pd is excellent for media stuff, especially nonlinear approaches.

    Sequencing and patch memory are the biggest obstacles for the moment, but Frank Barknecht’s RRadical is a neat approach to using Pd programming to create this functionality.

    Pd takes a while to master, but don’t worry! Since it’s free, you never have to worry about forking out the dough for an upgrade!


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