Visit to Oncologist

Last Thursday E and I went with Emma to her oncologist who gave his assessment of her CT scan. He said it was “as expected’ by which he meant that the cancer was still very evident- in the abdomen, signs in the bowel and messy after effects of the operation- “noise of battle” to use the surgeon’s phrase but the chemo was having an effect. It is too early to say more and he is using this scan as his baseline to compare with in 12 weeks time when she will have another one. The odd thing he said is that her blood marker- the CA 125 test is very low considering the amount of cancer she is carrying. She also feels very well in herself, better than for a long time. I hope this is a good sign. Perhaps it is being contained in the abdominal area and not being spread rapidly though the blood and the lymph system. He gave no explanation. He thinks that she has the best of chances because she is young, fitter than most and can take it. He recommended more laughter and white burgundy and said she could travel wherever she wants- he seems to know all the oncologists in the world. Said Sydney was his second home and knows who will be able to look after her.

Afterwards, whilst we felt hopeful; by contrast Emma felt very upset. She had hoped there would be nothing visible I think and the report she obtained spelt it out in no uncertain terms. I reacted similarly once on the plane and just could not get myself together. It does not seem to get any easier as time goes on.

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