Chemo Round 3

Emma is full of amazing strength and resilience. She has now had two cycles of chemo and is due a third on September 1st next Monday. In the meantime her blood tests are moving in the right direction: the CA 125 marker as it is called is going down fast from 125 to 66 since the chemo started. It is important not to become hung up on the numbers but it is the only thing she has to go on at the moment.

Much to think about and when the six months of chemo is over that’s when it gets really hard. But we live for the day. Last week we saw “Three Sisters” at the National and enjoyed all three and a half hours thoroughly. Doing life laundry tasks- the Humana boxes are full of the discarded clothes and toys and then going off to Marks to buy up silky lacy underwear to fill the vacant drawers…

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