Creativity Research and Practice-Based Research Presentation

Yesterday I gave a presentation called ‘Is Creativity Research Viable?’
to students and staff at the Key Centre for Design Computing and Cognition, University of Sydney

A basic assumption underlying this question is that it is far from simple to define creativity in any measurable way. Conventional research methods require well-controlled situations and this includes defining tasks in advance for subjects to carry out under close observation. However, the very idea of being creative under control may be a contradiction in terms or, at the very least, something the subjects would find too restrictive. The talk asks the question, “Is there an alternative approach?” If research is to provide understandings that take account of the complexity of creative acts, it needs to be conducted in context, preferably in naturalistic settings and involving activities that have intrinsic meaning for the people involved. This requires new approaches such as ‘practice-based research’, an emerging methodology that is becoming established in research programmes where the artefacts arising from the creative process are part of the contribution to knowledge.

PowerPoint slide presentation

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