Email to Emma

The test results are so encouraging - all this chemo for some effect is good news indeed.

Hope you are resting up proper- conservation of energy remember. When you are better you can afford to give a bit- but even then not much. You have had a lifetime of giving out - time to draw it inwards- G would back me up I am sure. It does not mean withdrawing from people just not looking out for them all the time.

Saw the GP yesterday and now today off to have my scan at the local radiology centre. It takes weeks on the NHS (still waiting for the letter) and here they wanted to do it the minute I turned up. I had to put them off a day! The blood tests taken yesterday- the doctor said- well what do you want? so I am having everything and the results will be ready today.

Now about to drive off in car- first time in Sydney for me behind the wheel.

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