Back to London Bridge

Just spoken to a drowsy Em hitched to pipes and boxes: a drain for the ascites fluid and an infuser for the anti sickness, antispasmodic anti-pain drugs. She is not sleeping and feels sick again having eaten real food yesterday. The effects of chemo and the racing cancer combined and will she get better than this?

In the meantime struggle with what to do next. I cannot imagine going away while she is so sick. The BoyF has booked a flight to the USA for two weeks in February.

Xmas and New Year were so important to Emma and in truth a miserable time physically. Sickness and swelling the constant companion and no pleasure in eating and drinking at a time of pure excess.

At New Year, in Wales with friends, far from home she suffered on, ending up one night in the hospital at Haverford West. She was determined to see the sea again and struggled to walk to the shore. An early return and back into the London Bridge Hospital where she remains for now.

Soon the baby is due to make its way into the world. A child changes your life forever and remains deep in your heart until you die.

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