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Uluru at Longitude 131

Posted in Travel, Uluru on March 30th, 2007

The ‘ Tent’ is as far from the real thing as anyone not disposed to camping could wish for. Plump pillows, beds, cushions and an uninterrupted view to the Rock 10 kilometres ahead.

The first evening a table under the stars or rather the clouds that proved all too hard to penetrate. Our star master performed a tour de force inspite of the absence of the very reason he was there. Aboriginal and Greek stories came to his (and our) rescue. As before on Heron the Southern Cross eluded me.

The first morning we walked 7 kilometres around the base and saw the dawn strike the face into gorgeous red. Our small party trekked purposefully around the perimeter of the object of all our interests.

In the women’s cooking cave at sunset next day the rains came and all at once the Rock assumed the skin of an animate creature as the torrents poured into black stripes. The oxidised red surface turned instantly into a smooth lumbering soft grey beast. Our shivering group huddled back on the coach patiently longing for the comfort of tent city.

Here the world is as far away as you could hope for too. Only the people are there to remind you of civilisation and eveything it represents.

Uluru from Longitude 131 uluru