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Choosing cameras

Posted in CCS-blog, Beta Space on November 15th, 2005

The BetaSpace group is looking at cameras for gathering observation and interview data for field studies. A number of options are under consideration and a decision will be made soon. If any of you are likely to want to collect data or make films or use video in any form, you should send your requirements to me and I will feed it into the discussion next Tuesday.

If you are interested in the video analysis software INTERACT, we have a demo version.
See Shigeki for a try out.


Posted in Beta Space on November 1st, 2005

An on-line demonstration of Video Editing software INTERACT was given by Pascal Mangold originator of the software. Lizzie, Shigeki, Ernest and Brigid were interested in seeing how applicable it was to the Beta Space research studies. I was already familiar with its use in the CRC project at University of Sydney.