Practice-Based Research Workshop at NIME 2014 (30th June, 2014)

Please note: the workshop is full – we cannot accept any more participants!

Each presentation is 15 minutes including questions. ie. 10 (strictly timed!!) minutes of talk, 5 mins questions. Each set of 4 presentations will be followed by 20 minutes of questions and discussion.

Program (as at 12th June 2014, check back for updates)

9:30AM – 10:00AM  
Andrew Johnston, Sam Ferguson, Ernest Edmonds Workshop welcome, introductions.
Andrew Johnston Some Opportunities for Practice-Based Research for NIME
10:00AM – 11:20AM  
Michael Gurevich Methodology Soup: Diversity in NIME Research Practices
Owen Green The Situation of Practice-Led Research around NIME, and Two Methodological Suggestions for Improved Communication
Luke Dahl Designing new musical interfaces as research: What’s the problem?
Ludvig Elblaus, Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen and Roberto Bresin NIME Design and Contemporary Musical Practice: Benefits and Challenges
11:20AM – 11:40AM Morning Tea
11:40AM – 1:00PM  
Benjamin Carey Artefact ‘scripts’ and the performer-developer
Andrew Bluff A self reflective questionnaire about practice based research
Gian-Marco Schmid Measuring Musician’s Playing Experience: Development of a questionnaire for the evaluation of musical interaction
Jan C. Schacher Investigating Gestural Electronic Music
1:00PM – 2:00PM Lunch
2:00PM – 3.20PM  
Hans Leeuw Emancipation of the Performer in NIME research
Daniel Formo Challenges in designing an instrument when pursuing a specific artistic vision
Martin Ritter and Alyssa Aska Performance as Research Method: Effects of Creative Use on Development of Gestural Control Interfaces
Stephen Barrass The Hypertension Singing Bowl: Research Through Design In Acoustic Sonification
3:40PM – 5:00PM  
Ian Hattwick, Seth Woods and Marcelo Wanderley Almost Human: Moving Expressive Gesture from Cello to Spine
Mary Mainsbridge Musician Experiences with Gestural Interaction
Alex Murray-Leslie, Sam Ferguson and Andrew Johnston Performance-based research with Fashion Acoustics
Fabio Morreale, Antonella De Angeli and Sile O’Modhrain Observations on visitors’ behaviour in The Music Room

Goldsmiths, London, UK, 30 June 2014