Generative Arts Practice -
A Creativity & Cognition Symposium
Practice-based and reflective studies of aLife, generative music, applied cellular automata: the art the mechanisms and the theory.
University of Technology, Sydney, 5-7 December 2005

Paper submission system

Please follow these instructions in order to submit your camera-ready paper:

  1. Your submission must be a PDF document and should follow the format of the Generative Arts Format document (right-click (pc) or ctrl+click (mac) on the link and choose 'save file as..')
  2. Using the paper identification number and password that you were given when you originally submitted your abstract, you can access the Paper Submission form to upload the PDF file of your camera-ready paper.

    The deadine for submitting a camera-ready full-paper 1st November 2005.

    The deadine for submitting an artwork/performance paper for review is 20th September 2005.