Generative Arts Practice -
A Creativity & Cognition Symposium
Practice-based and reflective studies of aLife, generative music, applied cellular automata: the art the mechanisms and the theory.
University of Technology, Sydney, 5-7 December 2005

GAP 2005 Provisional Programme

Monday 5th December

12.00 Registration
2.00 Chair: Ernest Edmonds
2.15 Generative Art Practice: reflections I
Paul Brown, Co-Chair

3.15 coffee

3.45 Chair: Mike Leggett
Invited Talk: Kevin Suffern University of Technology, Sydney

4.45 Visit to Creativity and Cognition Studios

6.30 Depart for Conference Dinner at Watsons Bay from Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

Tuesday 6th December

Chair: Andrew Martin

9.30 Integrating computational generative processes in acoustic music composition
Kirsty Beilharz
10.15 A framework for comparison of process in algorithmic music systems
Rene Wooller, Andrew R. Brown, Eduardo R. Miranda, Rodney Berry, Joachim Diederic

11.00 coffee

11.30 Fond Punctions: Generative processes in live performance
Alice Eldridge

12.15 lunch

Chair: Kirsty Beilharz

2.00 A Sound You Can Touch
Tim Blackwell and Janis Jefferies
2.30 Generative Film : Red + Green + Blue
Mike Leggett
3.00 Evochord
Gordon Monro

3.30 coffee

4.00 Babelitis
Dave Noyze
4.30 Synchronised Swamp : Uncanny Expressive Mathematics
Pierre Proske
5.00 Art works from Third Iteration
Paul Brown

Wednesday 7th December

Chair: Dave Burraston

9.30 Evolving Physical Pattern Forms
Gail Kenning
10.15 Generative Art: from analogue to digital formations?
Mike Leggett

11.00 coffee

11.30 Generative Imaging
Murray McKeich

12.15 lunch

Chair: Andrew Brown

2.00 Structuring Cellular Automata Rule Space with Attractor Basins
Dave Burraston
2.45 A Practice-based Approach for Exploring New Generative Art Schemes
Gary R. Greenfield

3.30 coffee

Chair: Paul Brown

4.00 Generative Art Practice: reflections II
Ernest Edmonds, Co-Chair