Generative Arts Practice -
A Creativity & Cognition Symposium
Practice-based and reflective studies of aLife, generative music, applied cellular automata: the art the mechanisms and the theory.
University of Technology, Sydney, 5-7 December 2005

Generative Arts Practice 2005

The symposium will focus on research issues in the practice of the generative arts. These issues fall in areas such as art making, art theory, digital media and human-computer interaction.

It will address recent research and future directions in generative art practice, considering issues such as:

  • The specific nature of generative practice
  • New generative forms
  • The usability and appropriateness of generative technologies
  • New devices and software for generative arts
  • Practice-based research results
  • Historical studies of generative art practice

The discussions will draw on practice-based research, human-computer interaction studies, software research as well as art theory. Attendance will primarily depend on the acceptance of refereed contributions, which will be published in a Workshop Proceedings. An exhibition will form an integral part of the meeting. This will show artworks, games and other systems germane to the meeting. Some of the work with be shown in Beta_Space at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.