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Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) is an internationally recognised multi-disciplinary environment for the advancement and understanding of practice in digital media and the arts. [read more]
  • Airflow


    Linda Walsh, Andrew Johnston & Andrew Bluff

  • Sound Invaders

    Sound Invaders

    Creative Systems for Speech Therapy

  • Encoded


    Stalker Theatre in collaboration with Andrew Johnston & Andrew Bluff of CCS. Photo: Matthew Syres

  • Amplified Hat

    Amplified Hat

    Chicks on Speed: Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-leslie, Christoph Coppins and Befaco

  • E-shoe: A High Heeled Shoe Guitar

    E-shoe: A High Heeled Shoe Guitar

    Chicks on Speed: Alex Murray-leslie, Melissa Logan and Max Kibardin

  • The AirSticks

    The AirSticks

    Alon Ilsar

  • Magic Hopscotch

    Magic Hopscotch

    Viveka Weiley, Doreen Ee & Shan Weiley

  • Partial Reflections

    Partial Reflections

    Andrew Johnston

  • The Music Table

    The Music Table

    Rodney Berry

  • Touching Dialogue

    Touching Dialogue

    Creative Systems for Speech Therapy